Book Review: Darlene Bobich Zombie Killer by Armand Rosamilia

Title: Darlene Bobich Zombie Killer /Author: Armand Rosamilia /Publication Date: January 2012 / Publisher: Smashwords / Pages: 110 / Genre: Horror

21837297I really detest zombies. Well, I don’t know any actual zombies. I actually detest the huge trend toward zombie apocalypse in the last decade or so. My son is enamored with them. My friends look at me as if I have grown two heads when I admit that I haven’t seen the latest episode of whichever zombie television show is ruling the airwaves. I even avoid zombies trending on social media. I say all this just to be sure that my next words will be fully understood.

I truly enjoyed reading this anthology.

Darlene is a fantastically human character that finds strength when the world goes to hell. Not everyone would and clearly, reading through this anthology not everyone did. As often tends to be the case when anarchy rules, in this story the survivors turn into creatures that are different from the monsters only if you count their heartbeats. Darlene Bobich is well told tale of a young woman forced to keep moving in order to stay alive. Along the way she scrounges what supplies she finds and often must face the possibility that her life isn’t the highest price she can pay for survival. Drifting across the eastern seaboard she meets a colorful cast of characters, most of whom are not long for this world and others you find yourself wishing, hoping, that they aren’t. Racing from gangs of rapists, looters, cutthroats and simply very scared people Darlene’s life is certainly exciting, and oh yeah, there is the constant threat of the undead to contend with.

All said, I do have a couple of issues. I wish that Darlene had a more clear objective in mind. While the moving from place to place do keep the stories flowing, it is not always clear where they are flowing to. This is a book of short stories and the prequel to a series, so I am almost sure this issue will work itself out. Also, I see no need for the zombies’ overt violence toward women. It doesn’t add anything to make the undead creatures more terrifying and it really doesn’t add anything to story with hordes of surviving humans already behaving in the same manner. It actually detracts from what otherwise is an intense thrill ride.

I am looking forward to reading more adventures with Darlene Bobich.

This Bookworm awards “Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer” 4 Tomes. This book contains adult themes and intense violence

4 stars


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