Book Review: How to be an International Spy by Andy Briggs

I am always delighted to be a part of any project at . Later this month they are sponsoring a blog tour for a new set of books from Lonely Planet Kids for which I was lucky enough to receive a free hardback copy of You Rule! to review. I truly enjoyed that book and given the chance to review another book in the series, I jumped at it.

My Nerdboy back in the day with his secret spy glasses
My Nerd-boy, back in the day, with his secret spy glasses

When my son was in second grade, an art project for school involving invisible writing set him on an obsession for secret codes and spy gadgets. When I saw ‘How to be an International Spy’ on the list, I was overcome with nostalgia and quickly chose that to receive.


I have to say, after reading the first book, I expected to enjoy this one and I was not disappointed in the slightest. It is packed with all kinds of information from the purely educational to charming trivia. It covers everything from the history of spying to creating a dead drop. Highlighted throughout are case histories on real spies and intelligence agencies.


There are chapters for the many skills a modern spy must have, code breaking, disguises, secret passwords and countersigns and even internet hacking. It is all in there for future Jack Ryans to hone their spy chops. Yes, this book made me yearn for any book by Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum or Ian Fleming.

This book is as educational as it is fun and I think it would a super addition to any classroom/homeschool library. I can see kids enjoying it on their own or as research for a larger project. It is recommended for kids 8 and up. My son is 12 and he enjoyed it as much as I did.


Stop by later to see my review of You Rule! and check out Mother Daughter Book Reviews to get more information on the Lonely Planet Kids Blog Tour.

This Bookworm awards “How to be an International Spy” 5 Tomes

5 stars

About How to be an International Spy

Title: How to be an International Spy |Author: Andy Briggs |Publication Date: September, 2015 | Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids | Pages: 160 |
Recommended Ages:

Description: Are you ready to start your training, Agent?

How to Be an International Spy: Your Top Secret Guide to
($17.99) by Andy Briggs
will teach aspiring undercover investigators (ages 8+) all they need to know about the shadowy world of spies. From cool gadgets and sneaky surveillance to code cracking and daring decoys they can try in real life, this guide will take readers through the ranks of new recruit to secret agent in no time.

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