At The Center of Everything: Visit Your Local Library


My first venture outside the house since my health issues started was trip to my local library with my family for Star Wars Day. We always have a great time at this annual event and not surprisingly, even with my walker leading the way, we had fun that day as well. We are lucky to have a library so invested in the community. In addition to some flat out geeky fun, It is a great chance for families to connect with city programs.


The department of water and power always has a great booth full of fun stuff for the kids, SWAT and K9 units are always a big hit and what kid doesn’t love the sight of Fire Engine 1 swinging its way into the parking lot in time for kids to line up and ring its bell.

    DSCN5361        DSCN5354

That, along with local charities offering ice cream and cotton candy and the city’s various game and craft booths, makes events like this at the library a must attend. This year, the Friends of The Library added a used book booth to line up and I will admit I spent way more time there than I should have.

Yes, he really is in line for ice cream!

Am I really supposed to walk right past Asimov and The Foundation Series with the awesome old-timey covers that have been replaced with trendy graphics over the years? Most of my Robert Jordan and David Eddings collections was tragically lost to me. I couldn’t not take the chance to replace those irreplaceable books. Then the Boy noticed Eregon. How can I say no to my concrete thinking, reluctant reader when he asks to get a book that has three sequels and is about as fantasy fiction as one can get? Even Hubs got a couple of books. Which is good because he had to carry them all. Pictured below, is not even close to “them all.”

DSCN5380 DSCN5379

Justifications aside, the trip to the book booth was as much fun as the rest of the day combined including Artoo Deetoo dancing to Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade theme. Lots of childhood memories packed into that few minutes, let me tell you.


I love our local Friends book store. I have seen, in other libraries, the same program and the books offered fill a shelf, a corner or a closet sized room, often these aren’t even staffed. This book store, with a full-time volunteer staff does such heavy business that they just doubled the size of it, converting an office and classroom to accommodate it. It shows how involved the community is in our library to have those thousands of donated books and teaching materials. The Friends have raised a ridiculous amount of money for the library over the years, underwriting many of its best events, including author symposiums, concerts, movies, workshop, and gatherings for the kids like Star Wars day.


I am 100% certain that most people have no idea what services their local library offers. Ours includes career counseling, literacy and homework help, passport and housing information, genealogy classes, programs for kids from birth through high school and a heritage room and museum. It also hosts many community events in it’s various meeting rooms throughout the building. I am understandably proud of our library, but every library I have ever been in has had much to offer. Some of the many things I have seen have included, a puppet stage for kids programs, a theater, a water-wise prototype garden, monthly meetings with the local state senator’s office, movies and kid’s shows, and a YMCA. All that in addition to books, movies, music, e books, magazines, newspapers, and reference material.

Visit your library soon and see what it can offer you. Leave a comment here and tell me what is special about your local library.


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